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R&D Departments
The Mission of the M.U.C.H. foundation is to help children and families get through some of their most trying times. Through our hospital, charitable, military and home visitation programs we identify the areas of personal need and assist children and families to help change their lives during their struggle with disease, financial hardship or disability.

​“Because Children Deserve So M.U.C.H.More

​Our Mission

See how the M.U.C.H. Foundation is helping Momo get her new hand.

Super Hero Visits 


Our team of super heroes work for hundreds of hours to create costumes from children’s favorite stories, films and books. We visit the bedsides of children in hospitals, their homes and attend charity events through out the year. We take the time to show each child that no matter what challenges they are going through they are super heroes and princesses too.

Recent Events


Our Reach

​200 +


Our heroes not only offer their time, they also offer their expansive knowledge and skills as well.
We have some of the most talented carpenters, fabricators, welders, builders, leather workers, seamstresses and engineers. Between all of us we are changing lives, from making robotic arms or finding ways to reduce the cost of prosthetics through 3D printing and scanning. Our goal is simple. Reduce or eliminate the cost of all children's needs.