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Our Enhanced Prosthesis and Wheelchair Division adopts a child as their special project and then works on customizing that child’s new arm, leg, or wheelchair. For example, if a child loves Iron Man, our team custom designs and fabricates an arm or leg to look exactly like Iron Man’s armored limb with special features of lights, sound, and hidden panels. We give them something  to show off to their friends and boost their confidence by learning how to adjust to the change.

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We develop ongoing relationships with these families that allow us to see their real world struggles and financial needs during recovery. We provide assistance to these families that directly impacts their ability to move forward with hope for the future. We donate vehicles customized with lifts, assist in home alterations to accommodate the child’s needs, and work with other organizations to provide equipment their insurance can not or will not cover.

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Hero Visits

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With our Superhero volunteer teams  we try to give each child a world where their favorite Heroes, Princesses, and Characters spend time with them so that they can be a kid and forget what ails them. We take this mission further by following up in special cases with home visits to boost the child’s confidence during a long recovery.

Learn more about our founder, Zac Hurst.