Momo was born in Xi'an China. The woman who would become her adoptive mother was volunteering at the orphanage that she was taken to. She started caring for Momo when she was only 20 weeks old. However, it took until Momo was 3 1/2 yrs old to officially adopt her. Momo was born without her right forearm and hand. They started her care at Shriners Hospital in St Louis where she received her first prosthetic arm and hand. Momo's family moved to Florida when she was 6 years old and have been under the care of Shriners Hospital for Children Tampa ever since.

The Shriners have been wonderful, giving her a larger size artificial hand and a swimming arm which she uses to practice with her swim team. As Momo grows she needs a new arm almost every year, although they try to make them last up to 18 months. Momo's family are so grateful for  everything the Shriners have given them.

The M.U.C.H. Foundation was invited to the Shriners 30th Anniversary Celebration, where Zac and Shawn had the pleasure of meeting Momo and her mother for the first time. In parting, Zac asked what Momo would like to see different about her new hand. She thought for a moment and then replied "I would like all my fingers to move".  Zac and Shawn both thought the exact same thing at the exact same time: "We can do that!"


With our volunteers and Easton LaChappelle's help, we are making Momo her own robotic hand. We just recently attended another event at the Shriners hospital where Zac was able to get a 3-D scan of Momo's arm. This scan was sent to Mr. LaChappelle  so he can start the 3-D printing of her new hand.

Check back often to see the progress The M.U.C.H. Foundation is making for Momo. 

Momo's Story